Lady Midnight Signing!

On Sunday I went to a Lady Midnight signing in Birmingham! It was an early birthday present because it’s my birthday today!

About two weeks ago I started collecting fanart and adding them in a scrapbook to give to Cassandra Clare at the signing; me being me I forgot to take pictures of the inside but I do have a picture of the outside which to be honest was pretty plain.

Lady Midnight

[All of the fanart was used with permission and credit]

I was allowed to take three books so I took Lady Midnight (obviously), the Bane Chronicles – because it’s the only hardback by Cassie that I own, and Clockwork Angel.

Despite the fact that I queued for nearly 5 hours it was still pretty fun; I read other books and made some new friends which is always nice!

We were all allowed to get our copies of Lady Midnight signed and dedicated by Cassandra Clare but the other two books got stamped with her signature and this hella cool sword and wreath!

Cassandra Clare Signed Books

At the very end we also got given an exclusive tour poster which will be going up on my wall as soon as I finish unpacking!

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