I really hate Tamlin…



Okay. So in no way is this throwing shade at this book or the author; I love both. This is more of a PSA for people sending others hate for NOT shipping Feyre and Tamlin. I absolutely loved A Court of Mist and Fury; it was an amazing book (5 stars), Sarah J Maas is an amazing author and an amazing writer. However, I had one problem with this book and that was Tamlin. It’s clear that he was written to appear how he was supposed to appear; but then there are still people who ship him and Feyre???

To start with I took Tamlin’s unusual behaviour with a pinch of salt. I cut him some slack and thought that my worries were uncalled for when he started to let Celeana out on the grounds alone again; I thought he was just a bit scared that the person he loved would be in danger and was being slightly overprotective.

But I was so so wrong. As I continued on through the book slowly Tamlin became more and more overprotective; I think my patience snapped when he literally created a barrier to keep Feyre in the manor. A relationship should be built on trust and love, not locking your partner in the house.

Tamlin was disgustingly overbearing and controlling; he treated Feyre like a child and didn’t even come close to treating her as his equal. In his eyes he could buy Feyre’s love with jewels and paints which obviously should never be the case. It scares me that people are angry about Feyre staying with Rhys? Feyre was suffocating in a poisonous environment which should have been her home; he wouldn’t even let her visit her family. Rhys on the other hand was caring and let her do whatever she wanted; it was clear that she could be her own person and she was not in his control. He constantly reminded her of the fact that there was no obligation to stay and she could leave whenever; compared to the conditions of living with Tamlin, living with Rhys’ wasn’t even extraordinarily nice it was just healthy.

Honestly, Tamlin x Feyre is just an abusive ship and one I hope does not become completely canon.

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