Boot Camp I Book Review #16

Boot Camp

“We’ve wanted this to happen for ages.”

Boot Camp by Robert Muchamore 

Rating: 2/5

Pages: 348

Official Synopsis:

Jay, Summer, Dylan and their band mates are headed to Rock War Manor. But the rock star life of music festivals and glitzy premieres isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Can the bands hold it together to make it through to the last stage of the competition?


Ah. This book… When I read the first book in this series I really enjoyed; but I guess it’s clear that, that wasn’t the case with this book. What really intrigued me about this series to begin with was mainly the humor. Humor, I find, is one of the hardest genres to write; but Robert Muchamore seems to achieve that very well. But other than that I really disliked this book as a whole.

I felt that the plot was non-existent and not in a good way. There were a lot of randomly placed incidents that I assume were written to keep the reader on edge but personally I just found it annoying.

The characters didn’t really improve in this book at all either. I said in my review of ‘Rock War’ that the only character I felt was okay was Jay and occasionally his brothers. But in this book every other character who wasn’t Theo seemed to fade into the background. There wasn’t much focus on the music aspect anymore and more so on how many times Theo could get into trouble in one book.

I don’t think I’m going to continue with this series if I’m completely honest. This book kind of reminded me why I disliked the writing style of Muchamore’s C.H.E.R.U.B. series. If I find that the next book has gotten amazing reviews I may consider it but otherwise I’m sad to say that this book was quite a let down.

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