Shadowhunter Universe Blog

I recently made another Tumblr blog! Despite the fact that I already have two others: a booklr and personal; I felt the need to dedicate a blog to one of my favourite fandoms and book universe… Cassandra Clare / Shadowhunters!

It took ages to choose because I had to find a URL that was:

a) related to the fandom

b) one that I liked

c) one that wasn’t hoarded – this was probably the hardest as most of the URL’s I thought of were being hoarded already

I ended up choosing kitblckthorn, mainly because Kit and Ty were two of my favourite characters in Lady Midnight!

Luckily, I had an idea for what theme I wanted before I created the actual blog and I’m loving it at the moment!


I noticed when I was cropping the picture that I had cropped out the credit button so just to let you guys know this theme was made by

It took some time for me to finally decide to make this but now I have I’m so happy!

ave atque vale 

(and remember to check out my Tumblr!)


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