Stranger Things Book Tag!


Anyone who’s been on the internet for the past two months has to have heard about Stranger Things! Seriously, this is one of the best TV Shows I’ve ever watched and I can’t wait for the second season – if you haven’t watched it this should now be your number one watching priority (it’s honestly that good).

This tag was created by Sarah Sunbeemz and you can check out her video here!

So with that I bring you the Stranger Things Book Tag!

1. EPIC INTRO – The opening sequence of Stranger Things is amazing and really grabs your attention. Name a book that grabbed your attention from the first page.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – “One summer night I fell asleep, hoping the world would be different when I woke.” I mean come on with a first line like that who wouldn’t want to read this amazing book?

2. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Name a fantasy world you would like to experience yourself.

Harry Potter – One of my favourite series and I can’t imagine how much I’d love to be able to go to Hogwarts and play Quidditch. I’d live for Hogsmeade visits and going to Diagon Alley. I’m honestly so in love with the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter!

3. SQUAD GOALS. When Eleven met Mike, Dustin and Lucas it was a *mostly* perfect team. Name your favourite bookish group of friends.

The Seven + plus Nico and Reyna from the Heroes of Olympus. They all just had such beautiful relationships with one another and all balanced each other out in a way that’s very hard to do with such a large group of friends.

4. ABC’s & CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Joyce Byers goes mad with grief after Will goes missing. Name your favourite mentally unhinged character.

Andrew from the Foxhole Court! He’s one of my all time favourite characters but it didn’t take a lot of reading about him to realise that he is a lot more than bit mentally unstable.

5. THE UPSIDE DOWN. Name a book that was the opposite of what you expected.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – With the whole concept of never being able to kiss her true love I expected Blue to be a bitter lovesick teenager and to dislike the book but I ended up giving it 5 stars and loved Blue from the very beginning!

6. MAD SCIENTISTS. Dr. Brenner likes to get freaky with humanity. Name the freakiest dystopian government you can think of.

I would have said The Hunger Games until I remembered the Proxy government system. Proxy by Alex London had a government system which meant that if you were poor enough to be a Proxy if your Patron did something wrong from as little as a toddler you would have to take their punishment! At least the Hunger Games had an age limit…

7. DEMOGORGON. Name a scary bookish creature that you would not want to come through your walls.

The Valg from the Throne of Glass Series. Those monsters can both hurt you physically and possess you and honestly I’m not really in the mood for either and don’t think I ever will be.

8. CLIFFHANGER ENDING. Name a book that left you wanting more.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas – that book had one of the most phenomenal endings I have ever read. There have been few instances where I’ve wanted a book as much as I crave ACOTAR #3 at the moment.

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