TBR Pile: Part 1

My To Be Read list is currently at around 200 books on Goodreads – and trust me I have ages until I get anywhere near finishing that up. It seems that every time I make a dent in it I see a recommendation for something else and then a few days later I’m back at square one again…

I obviously don’t own the 200+ books on my TBR list but I do own quite a few of them all of which are currently piled up on my desk waiting to be read… Because there are so many I’ve split them into 3 parts!

So these are the books I currently own but haven’t read yet!


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I got this on my birthday way back in April but I decided to wait for the sequel Wayfarer to come out before reading this so I can marathon the duology!







Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I read Red Queen last year and enjoyed it – not my favourite but still pretty good. When Glass Sword came out I thought I might as well buy it while it was still on offer so I did but when I started it about a month later I tried to get into it but just couldn’t so I put it down. I will read this one day though!





Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

I obviously couldn’t read this before Glass Sword and I bought it before I picked up Glass Sword so I’m sort of stuck with it until I finish Glass Sword






Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

I actually have no idea why I bought this because despite the fact I’ve read the Lunar Chronicles I haven’t read Fairest yet so it would have made more sense to buy that… But either way I’ll probably be reading this after some new releases because the need to read it isn’t that important but I want to read it before Heartless is released!





A Thousand Nights by E.K.Johnston

I really need to stop buying books that aren’t actually on my TBR… I was in Waterstones and there was a buy one get one half price and this was the prettiest book on the table… I could have bought a book that was actually on my TBR but of course my head decided not to!





The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

For once there is a book on my TBR that was already on my TBR when I bought it! When I was at YALC there was an offer to buy 2 books for £10 and get a The Rest of Us Just Live Here T-Shirt and this was one of the books I bought for that shirt!




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