Top 5 Wednesdays – Favourite Non-Canon Ships


It’s Wednesday again which means this is when I bring you guys the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey. You can find out more about these days on the Goodreads group by clicking here! I love this prompt because I’m a sucker for shipping different couples to that in the books!

  • Albus Potter + Scorpius Malfoy from The Cursed Child by Jack Thorne, John Tiffany and J.K.Rowling


I actually have no idea why this couple didn’t get together? There was such an open and easy opportunity to actually have these two become canon. There was an amazing chemistry between them and just… I have no idea why they didn’t get together.

  • Tris Prior + Christina from Divergent by Veronica Roth


I think I may have liked this series more if this was canon. Four annoyed me to no end but I think this relationship would have worked out and been a widely loved ship. I honestly think I would have preferred this series would have been more enjoyable for me if this was a thing.

  • Harry Potter + Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling


Drarry is one of my all time favourite OTP’s and that will never change. I know I’ve already used a Harry Potter ship in this list but Drarry would have been such an amazing addition to this series. It’s hard to find things to improve when it comes to Harry Potter but this is something I would have changed about the series in a heartbeat.

  • Magnus Chase + Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan


Okay but this is one of the only ships on this list where there is still a possibility of them being canon. I’m about halfway through reading this and am already in love with these two characters and the idea of this relationship!

  • Leo Valdez + Nico Di Angelo from the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan


Okay I have nothing against the canon ship that is Solangelo (Nico & Will) but I just started shipping these two earlier on in the series. I don’t really like Calypso as a character and have always just preferred this pairing!

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