November Photo Challenge!


So me and the amazing girls over at #TheBookstagramThirteen have all created a November book challenge for you all! It was so much to make and I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to stick to a photo challenge for once!


If you choose to take part in this make sure to tag your photos with #NovemberThirteenChallenge so we can all see your amazing pictures! I’ll be tracking the tag on Tumblr and regularly checking it on Instagram. At the end of each week we will be handpicking some of our favourite accounts to shoutout on our accounts!


If you’re unsure about what any of the challenges mean feel free to contact either me or any of the lovely girls tagged above – here is a description anyway!

#TBR: The books you plan to read in November

Death Day: A character you wish was dead

Power To You: A power you’d like to have

Looks Like Fall: Autumn Colour Themes

Calanmai: Bonfire/Fireworks/Candle with book

Bookish Maps: A book with a map in it

Totes Crazy: Tote bags and books!

Bram’s Birthday: Fave Fictional Vampire

Pastel Books: Books that are pastel coloured – because who doesn’t love pastel?

Musical Books: A song that reminds you of a book

Freaky Friday Challenge: A character you’d switch bodies with

Book Rainbow: Rainbow colour scheme

An Act of Kindness: Character with a big heart

Favourite Underrated Books: A book you don’t feel is appreciated enough

Trope Books: A trope you don’t like

Fave Fictional Battle Scene: A battle scene that had your blood pumping

Lovers, Haters: A character everyone hates but you love

Fantastic Beasts: Favourite fictional beast

National Adoption Day: Favourite fictional parents

Children’s Day: Favourite fictional child

World Television Day: A book you’d like to make into a movie/TV show

Open Books: Open book picture (maybe even to chapter 22 like the day!)

Book in the air: Take a picture of a book in the air (or Photoshop it!)

Thanksgiving: Book/author you’re thankful for

Black Friday: Black colour scheme

What Colour Does Your Blood Run: Colour scheme based off of the witch clans from Throne of Glass

Shelfie!: Take a picture of your bookshelf

Favourite Fall Release: What book this fall have you loved the most?

Fall Haul: Which books did you buy?

Wrap Up: What books have you read in November?


Be sure to let me know if you’re participating! And look out for more things like this from the Bookstagram Thirteen in the future!


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