Book to Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Rating: 7/10

I admit I only read this book after I heard a movie was coming out and that it was being directed by Tim Burton. By the time I finished the first book I was so excited for a movie based on an amazing book and directed by an amazing director – and that’s exactly what I got!

It was a bit strange and alienating to see Emma and Olive’s peculiarities switched around. To begin with I just really hated this change – it honestly made no sense to me. However, I did google the cost of CGI effects and it seems like fire CGI is a lot more expensive than making someone float and as Emma has more screen time this would have cost a lot more.

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It was easy to appreciate the aesthetic of this movie. I really couldn’t have expected less from Tim Burton and Colleen Atwood (I mean she’s done the costume for Fantastic Beasts and Alice In Wonderland). Miss Peregrine’s character as a whole was somehow able to portray her bird like nature with a touch of elegance. The general look of the Peculiar children and their home was very well done in my opinion.

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The hollows’ general look really wasn’t what I was expecting for some reason and although it felt a bit weird because they were so different from the image I had in my mind it wasnt that off putting once I got used to it.

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Plotwise, for the first three-quarters of the movie it was very accurate to the book’s story and was executed very well. I got the sense of something creepy going on from the very beginning which, to me, is the point of this movie. To be creepy without going into the horror genre.

However, in the last half an hour everything got into a bit of a mess… I feel like this movie was made to be a standalone and not have any sequels despite there being two more books, as the ending was very finale like. The whole plot veered a bit off course and was a bit confusing because of this but I think that if someone has not read the books this wouldn’t really be something noticeable.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie a lot – maybe not as much as I anticipated but it was still extremely enjoyable to watch!

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