Book to Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them


Rating : 10/10

I’ve decided to now 10 bullet points on why I liked / disliked about the adaptations I review!

  • Seeing as there wasn’t an exact novel to base this off of J.K.Rowling had a lot of leeways when writing the script to this – and she used this so brilliantly to her advantage! The wizarding community seemed so alien compared to the wizarding community in the UK which I really liked!
  • Eddie Redmayne and Ezra Miller were phenomenal at their parts! Amazing acting for amazing parts!
  • Obscurials being the ‘center’ of this movie have explained a lot about some of the backstory’s in Harry Potter (hint: Ariana Dumbledor)
  • A++ CGI
  • The whole ‘zoo’ in bag concept was amazing – I loved it!


  • Nifflers are now one of my favorite Fantastic Beasts
  • The costumes throughout the movie were so well put together and extravagant; Colleen Atwood has skills!
  • There are three more movies but this movie didn’t feel incomplete OR end on a cliffhanger!
  • Newt Scamander is an amazing character and what I would consider a very ‘different’ sort of hero (which was great)
  • When the Warner Bros logo popped up at the beginning. Hedwig’s theme plays and it made me cry. J.K.Rowling sure knows how to mess with her fans…

Guys honestly this movie was amazing! I cried and laughed and left the theater with a huge smile on my face because this movie just made me so happy! If you can watch it – then watch it as soon as possible because trust me as hard as you try soon enough a spoiler is going to appear somewhere on the internet. I know I hate it when that happens and you guys probably do too…


[I’ll finish with a picture of magical congress so you can appreciate it’s beauty]

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