Reading Recs: Sci-Fi


This month’s theme is : Science Fiction

As much as I love Science Fiction books I don’t think I read nearly enough of them. I love the concept of making science, something which I think a lot of people take advantage of, into a piece of literature that can appeal to most everyone! The books in this list are books that I felt were original and used science and technology to their advantage to make their stories as amazing as possible!


If you’re looking for originality in a story this is your book. Illuminae’s adrenaline filled plotline set in a spaceship is paired with a phenomenal use of graphic design to make this book as unique as possible. This book isn’t your regular sentences and paragraphs – it’s anything but regular.


One of the reasons I loved this book so much was probably because it played into my immense love for video games. This book is predominantly part of the technology sect of science fiction as it’s based inside of a huge MMORPG. This book was funny to read and had a great storyline throughout (sort of like a scavenger hunt – which is something I love in a book!)


I’m not sure if many would actually classify this book as Science Fiction to be honest… I mainly categorise it as sci-fi because the main theme is very heavily science based. This book is written in a way that is engineered to make you confused and insecure in your thoughts about the book. It’s main character is one that most would probably find very hard to sympathise with – but one that I love a lot!


This probably isn’t a book for die-hard Sci-Fi fans. I do recommend this however if you just want a sort of light Sci-Fi book at the moment! This book has basically everything you could ask from a science fiction novel: spaceships, cyborgs, crazy advanced technology and even people living on the moon. This is honestly part of one of my favourite series and is a great novel to start your ventures into Sci-Fi with!

So these are some of my favourite Sci-Fi reads! Are there any you’d like to recommend me?

If you read any of these or add them to you TBR be sure to tell me so we can discuss!

Hope your next read is great!

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