Diversity in Reading Challenge

So as a marginalised person, I feel that Diversity in YA is something extremely important to me. I’m a lot more likely to enjoy a book if every character isn’t the same het cis white person that I can find in most of the books I do read…. So this year while going through my Twitter feed I came across this:

This “bingo” basically gives prompts that you can cross off for every book you read that has one of these concepts – in the time span of a year!  Of course, this reading challenge isn’t just for YA novels – that’s just the age range of books I read the most often! I’m really looking forward to this! I doubt I will complete all of these, but I’m going to attempt to at least complete half – so that’s 18!

If you’re planning to take part, comment below, that way we can talk about what books we plan to read for this!

Hope your next read is great! 🌱

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