Doll Hospital Issue 2 I Review #45

“Bone weariness and fresh grass.” 



Title: Doll Hospital Issue#2

Author: Bethany Rose

Pages: 153

Publisher: Self Published


Wow. This was phenomenal.

As someone who rarely reads non-fiction, I was weary about getting into this. With non-fiction I usually find myself overwhelmed by the whole reality aspect of it and putting the book down – or just getting extremely bored. I didn’t find this here at all!

Doll Hospital is a series of zines focusing on the topic of mental health. I haven’t actually read Issue 1 but I don’t think that the difference was that detrimental to understanding this edition at all. The way that mental health was talked about and discussed here is the way it should be talked about everywhere. Not alienating the reader but helping the reader to understand.

The diversity in this zine is also something I’d like to touch on because the wider variety of perspectives on mental illness was something I really enjoyed seeing. Personally, I nearly never see any representation for Muslims with mental illness and seeing that this was a topic touched on here really left me with a smile on my face!

The beautiful use of mixed media, articles, poetry, artwork and so much more is what I think really brought this to life. It was so unique and beautifully original – I honestly love this so so much! I’m hopefully planning to buy the first issue of Doll Hospital and then the third in the near future!

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