Book To TV Show: A Series of Unfortunate Events (spoiler free)

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Rating: 9/10

GUYS THIS TV SHOW IS AMAZING! I was hesitant at first because I had previously enjoyed the movie (albeit not that much) and was hesitant about going into another adaptation of one of my favourite childhood book series. Let me assure you, I’m so happy that this was made. I binge watched the whole first season on the release day – and if that doesn’t show how much I loved it I’m not sure what will.


  • It stuck to the story. It annoys me so much when an adaptation goes completely awry but this really really didn’t and stayed true to the novels.
  • I love love loved the costumes and general world look! The juxtaposition between a lot of the bright and fun colours and the saddening story was an interesting addition.
  • The acting was amazing. Literally, everyone in this TV show was phenomenal at their parts and I just… I just really loved everyone!
  • Each book in the series looks like it’s getting two 45/60 minute episodes – that’s a lot more than three books were given in one movie.
  • The one book, two episodes means that smaller scenes in the books were visited and you got a much larger and broad perspective on everything going on.
  • I’m really happy about the diversity?? Really happy?? There is a range of different actors and characters and it was great to see!
  • The subplot game was STRONG. 
  • I’m happy that no sugarcoating was present; the books were pretty dark and so should the show!
  • One of the only TV shows that I have ever seen that pulled off having a narrator.
  • Also, there’s still humour and that’s great!
  • Lemony Snicket’s vocab definitions are great.


  • Some of the CGI was a bit iffy in episode 6 – it isn’t obvious to be honest I’m just overly observant.
  • Sunny was a bit… I’m not sure she just confused me a bit!

So those are my opinions on the new adaptation to A Series of Unfortunate Events! I’m now regretting my decision to binge watch it because I’ll probably have to now wait a year or two for the next season! But either way, I did watch it and I did love it!

Are you planning on watching this? (If you’re not I’m seriously questioning your decision-making right now…)

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