Sometimes I find myself sat on my bed as I finish a book wondering about what on earth I’m going to read next. I mean sometimes closing my eyes and pointing randomly gets a bit old – and most times I ignore the random book and end up choosing another…

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When I found out that there was a website that literally curated personalised options for you to read I was speechless. Firstly, I’ve been doing computing for years and have no idea how the phenomenal creators of ShelfJoy were able to do this. Secondly, just wow. 

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The website, for starters, is incredibly beautiful and well put together. On the front page alone you can scroll down and find loads of famous peoples’ favourite books, a variety of differently themed shelves and generally a lot of new potential reads!

Here are some of my favourite shelves: 1      2      3

I thought I’d go ahead and make an account (which is connected to my Twitter) and make my own shelf! Why not? So I signed up, and after receiving a very lovely email started to make my own shelf!



I spent a bit more time on ShelfJoy after making my first shelf and (I’m not sure if this is actually good) added about 6 more books to my TBR! It seems I’ll never be able to finish my TBR at this rate!

From what I can see and what I have heard, Aakanksha, the creator of ShelfJoy has made an amazing thing in this – and I can’t wait to see what more I can discover on this amazing site! I hope you guys find this as lovely an idea as I did!


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