Get To Know Me!

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  1. I am currently in the possession of 175 books! I’ve been collecting most of these since the age of about 11 – although I didn’t even hit 100 books until about two years ago!
  2. I started reading YA around the age of 11! I think my first YA book was the Hunger Games which my best friend at the time lent me – although I’d read the Percy Jackson books before that, they’re technically middle grade!
  3. It usually takes me about a week on average to finish an average YA book (so around 400 pages). Although if I really love a book*; I can read it in one sitting. Likewise, if I really hate it I can take forever to read a book.
  4. I did actually grow up reading Harry Potter. Also, Narnia and a Series of Unfortunate Events! Seriously, I don’t understand how more people have NOT read these series!
  5. I love book signings! I love attending any sort of bookish events – I attended YALC 2016 and am hoping to go in 2017 although I’m not sure how likely that is to happen. There aren’t a lot of signings near me and when they do happen I’m always conveniently out of town! (an accurate representation of me every time this happens is below)

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  1. I get in reading slumps all of the time! I really do, I get in a reading slump at least once a year (sometimes twice) but it’s never for a few days! The minimum is usually a few WEEKS! In 2016 I had a proper slump in July where I literally read no books apart from the Cursed Child and didn’t read again until mid-August
  2. I love Bookstagram and taking photos! Honestly, Bookstagram is such a lovely community and I love taking pretty pictures! I wish I had more skill at it to be completely honest; one day I hope my pictures actually look nice – but in the meantime, I can enjoy!
  3. V.E.Schwab reblogged one of my pictures! When this happened I nearly cried from happiness! She’s one of my favourite authors and I was so happy she liked my picture of her books!
  4. Reviews are actually really fun to write for me! I love making my feelings known about a particular book that I’ve just read! Whether I loved or really disliked a book – writing reviews are still as fun!
  5. Why don’t more people use Goodreads? More of an inner thought than a fact but Goodreads is my holy saviour. Seriously, I love being organised but I love it even more when there’s already a system to help me with it!

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  1. Fantasy is my favourite genre. I do read a variety of genres – but anything other than maybe sci-fi makes me feel the same as fantasy. I love the feeling of reading a completely different world and discovering new places and new types of people!
  2. I completely judge books by their covers. Come on, a pretty cover is going to look a lot better to me than some bland cover. I know that authors can’t control their covers but I won’t lie in saying that I can be put off by bad covers.
  3. I’ve never tried an audiobook. Are they any good? I’ve honestly never tried them and I’m not sure if I really want to… I’m hesitant about trying out a new medium but I feel like I may enjoy the convenience?
  4. I don’t dog ear. I don’t care if someone does it to their own books. Just not mine, please!
  5. I can read while travelling! Some of my friends never read while on the train, on a bus or in the car because they say it makes them dizzy – but I’m happy to say I don’t feel it at all!

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  1. I carry a book nearly everywhere. I literally have a pocket in my backpack designated to holding a book!
  2. Talking of my backpack – being a fan of loads of things is such a pain when it comes to backpacks! I like to have a backpack that says something about me so I always have a bag based on something I love at the moment. But I’ve never had a book based bag! My last bag was a Sword Art Online one and now I have a Haikyuu backpack!
  3. I actually love book adaptions…When they’re done well. I still have yet to meet an adaptation that was better than the book but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the adaptation!
  4. I have loads of bookmarks! But I use about three of them regularly… I don’t know why I prefer to memorise the page number that I left on than use a bookmark like a normal person…
  5. I really love books… I’m not sure if that’s obvious yet but I honestly love them more than most other things!

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