Pokemon Go Book Tag!


Creator: readatmidnight (she has some amazing artwork, seriously, check it out!)*

So it’s been just over half a year since the worldwide sensation that is Pokemon Go was created – and obviously, as a huge Pokemon fan I’ve been obsessed ever since… (5GB of data a month is not NEARLY enough) So when I found out that this tag existed I just had to do it!

*I’m also using her graphics in this post, excluding the header.


I always get into the biggest arguments with my friends over which starter is the best -I’ve always adamantly been a fire type fan and chose Charmander when I started PokeGO. I’m nowhere NEAR a Charizard at this point but…

The book that started reading for me was probably the Rainbow Magic series because those were the books I first read with actual chapters, but Harry Potter was what really spurred that passion on!

Pokemon-Tag02PikachuI have way too many Pikachu’s in the game and nearly have enough candy for my second Raichu!

The answer to this would probably be Harry Potter. I mean, everyone knows what Harry Potter is and most of them love it – and so do I!


Zubats are such a pain! I have enough candy to evolve two or three Crobats when Gen 2 is released!

But the bookish equivalent of this for me has to be the Hunger Games… I loved the first two books but once the movies and all of that hype around it happened I re-read the series and realised that the 11-year-old me had given those books a lot more appreciation than they really deserved…


I have three dittos in the game now! I can’t wait to catch a higher CP one though because all of mine are less than 500 CP!

The Heroes of Olympus is this for me because most Rick Riordan books feel extremely similar to me but I love the writing style and characters so much that I continue to read and enjoy every one!


I still haven’t gotten a Snorlax in the game…

Game of Thrones is this for me. Every time a Snorlax would be blocking the path I would put off playing for a few hours until I could be bothered. With GoT I know it’s going to be a while until I’m able to read these books…

Pokemon-Tag06-GengarAfter the Halloween event, I had 12 Gengars. TWELVE! I transferred all of them until I only had two, though.

I’m going to take a different route with this one though and choose Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. This book kept me up all night because I read it twice consecutively and not because it was creepy/scary which is probably what this prompt insinuated.


I also have two of each of these now… Nidoran’s are WAY too common…

One of my MANY OTP’s at this moment in time probably has to be Ari and Dante because they’re always up there – I honestly, just love this book so so much!


I finally evolved a Rapidash the other day and it’s so pretty!

For this, I’m going to pick “More Happy Than Not” because I finished this in a few hours. The writing was so compelling and well done that I just couldn’t put it down. This was practically impossible to put down.


I can’t wait for Gen 2 to be released so I can finally get an Umbreon!

Harry Potter is probably a series I’ll never grow tired of finding more about! Albeit, the Cursed Child was a bit unusual and not what people expected, Fantastic Beats was phenomenal!

Pokemon-Tag14-MagikarpMy Gyarados is actually at the top of my team right now with a CP of 2346!

The Raven Boys was a book that I went into with ridiculously low expectations. Everyone was so excited for the Raven King and when I read the synopsis of the first book it sounded so unimaginably boring I never thought I’d read them. Finally, my best friend convinced me to read the first book and I absolutely loved it!


Why haven’t these been released yet?? It’s been so long and they’ve started releasing Gen 2 but it’s like they’ve forgotten about the Legendaries completely!

I’m still really excited to read The Wrath and the Dawn despite the fact some of my friends have read it and said it was a bit overhyped. It still looks and sounds amazing!


I cannot wait until these two are released into PokeGO! I will literally do anything for them – they’re some of my favourite Pokemon!

When it was released I really wanted the Collector’s Edition of Lady Midnight because it looked so pretty but it was about £18 and even I wouldn’t pay that much for a single hardcover…


I’m really annoyed because I’ve gotten about 5 10KM eggs the whole time I’ve been playing this game and I still haven’t hatched anything good!

I’m really excited to read Caraval! I received my preorder goodies a few weeks ago and they’re so pretty! Also, I’m getting Night Circus sort of vibes from this book (which I also haven’t read) and everyone really loved the Night Circus so…


There aren’t nearly enough of these where I live and it’s really annoying because it means I have to place the lures myself.

For this, my answer is going to be V.E.Schwab. She’s an amazing author with amazing writing and any new release of hers is an auto-buy book for me!


I haven’t seen this horrible screen since July and that has made me extremely happy!

Although I cannot think for the life of me for an answer for this… Maybe the sequel to Ari and Dante?

Do you have the same answers to any of these questions? What team on Pokemon GO are you? (I’m Valor)

Hope your next read is great! 🌱

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