Villains Really Aren’t That Bad…


Okay so let’s be honest – most people probably really don’t like the villains of a story. I mean, usually they’re not written to be liked, but I’ve always seemed to love the villains as much as the main characters.

  • I’m a sucker for sad backstories. The villain whose turned evil due to their upbringing or things they have experienced always have me hooked on a character. I find it fascinating the way a person’s experiences shape them as a person. Also I really want to hug them and it makes me really sad and I love feeling emotions from writing because it means that the writing is good!


  • But it’s even better when they’re just evil for the freaking fun. This sort of villain always keeps me intrigued – I mean, the fact that someone would choose to be evil and choose to do the wrong things for their own amusement, it’s so unimaginable that it’s always intriguing to see someone like this.


  • Choosing to (most of the time) do the wrong thing, usually has some sort of complex plot. And a complex plot line is always great. I mean come on, even if the author doesn’t write in an amazing plot line – it leaves the reader with the opportunity to devise this themself. Depending on the character in question this can be really fun – but sometimes a bit annoying. (Mostly fun)


  • Really poetic sort of villains make me LOVE a book just that much more. (AIDAN from Illuminae!!). Seriously, when a villain gets all poetic and deep about their warped beliefs and plans I love it! A really poetic character for the whole of a book can be difficult to write and a bit overwhelming; but a poetic villain means you get small doses throughout and this done right can make a book so much better for me!

Do you like villains? Do you completely disagree with my thoughts on them? I’m not sure if my thoughts on this are unpopular to be completely honest; they’re just my thoughts! So tell me, what do you think?

Hope your next read is great! 🌱


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