Where it all began


So as some you have realised – I am obsessed with books! I have been for most of my life – and hopefully, will continue to love them forever more! My tastes in reading have fluctuated a lot throughout my life so I thought I might as well show you how!


I started reading from an extremely young age. Obviously, like everyone else as a child I started off with the picture books. I don’t really remember reading at all until late age 5; when I was in my first year of primary. I vividly remember my mum ordering a huge box of limited edition Winnie the Pooh storybooks. I came home from school (my mum worked at the same primary school I went to) so we were so surprised to find that the box of books had just been left outside our door.

Image result for my very first winnie the pooh

I remember crying loads because I thought Winnie the Pooh would have been scared to be outside my house all alone! I finished those books (about 20 of them) over the span of my reception year.


From Winnie the Pooh I moved onto reading the Rainbow Magic series until about the age of 7! I read so many of those books and spent all of my pocket money on them – I spent about £21 pounds one day to buy three special editions and was so proud of myself! I now have over 100 of these books in a drawer beneath my bed! I honestly can’t believe that these books are still being published today!

Image result for rainbow magic books

I continued to read these until about the age of 10 but only sparingly. I moved on to reading longer chapter books like Goosebumps, Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortanute events. At this point, I think my parents had finally realised that my love for books wasn’t going to go away anytime soon!


A lot of my primary years were probably not my favourite time. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and my teachers didn’t really like me either – but I still continued to do what I loved most, reading. Although not nearly as much as before.

I read a few books each year during this period – maybe 30 books with both years together. But this was my Dystopian phase. About 90% of my reads then were just pure Dystopian books – I remember the Hunger Games being a personal favourite!



I went through a really random and weird reading slump from about the age of 12 until about halfway through 13. I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything, even the thing I loved the most.

Eventually, I discovered Goodreads, Booktube and Booklr and fell right back into the reading world! I was reading faster and loving the books I read! I averaged about 50 years a year and there were people to share this with now!

Although I didn’t really reach out until late 13 two months before my 14th birthday. I started this blog and in May started a Bookstagram! Ever since then, I’ve widened my reading horizons and have such a wide range of books to read and books that I have already!

I discovered my favourite contemporary of all time:


I now love reading more than I ever have before and honestly can’t wait what else there is to come!

Have you got a post telling your reading journey? (Send me a link down below!) Do you have any of these situations in your life now or have you ever gone through them?

Hope your next read is great! 🌱

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