I Love You ALL!

Why I Love the Book Community.png

Honestly, I absolutely love the book community! My oldest friends, both in real life and online, have some sort of love for books – and most of the time this is what brought us together!

I’ve seen some people complain (not really in a bad way) about how the book community isn’t as nice as it once was – but honestly, I wasn’t part of that community years ago and therefore don’t really know anything different – and to be honest, I love the community right now!

There’s no point in focusing on the bad aspects of the book community anyways!* I mean isn’t there bad in every community technically? We all can’t be perfect! I thought I’d list some of my favourite things about this community just to let you guys know how amazing you all are!

  1. We get to talk about the things we love all the time (and no one finds it that annoying!) This is one of my favourite things because as someone who has anxiety I like to refrain from really discussing things I enjoy with people who aren’t my close friends or part of the online book community out of fear of them absolutely hating my ranting. So here I can rant and discuss all I want!

Image result for fangirling gif

  1. Friends. I have made so many friends! I’m pretty extroverted to be honest when I’m outside and online but people tend to find me a lot more frustrating and somewhat condescending (I’m really not sure why? I think it’s because I’m really opinionated?) and therefore a lot of people at school don’t really like me. Online though I have loads of friends and can be my real self and people actually like me!
  2. Author and reader interactions are great! I never would have thought I’d be able to have one of my favourite authors: reblog, like or comment on my pictures/posts but this has happened a few times now and it always makes me so happy!* Image result for crying in awe gif
  3. Developing your outlook/perspective on things. Ever since I started book blogging I have a) improved the complexity of my grammar a lot b)learned a lot more about what to really focus on when reading and what constitutes a good writer! I really like being able to analyse writing in such a different way now.
  4. So much passion!* The amount of enthusiasm in this community is wonderful; there’s rarely drama/fights and everyone just seems to have so much fun while doing something they love and enjoy!Image result for hugging gif

And these are some of my reasons for loving the online book community so much!


Hope your next read is great! 🌱

*(running away from your problems is obviously the best solution)!
*an accurate representation of my expression when an author reblogs/likes/comments something of mine
*not like the fruit, they’re disgusting.

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