Books in Flowers Tag [Original]

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I thought that seeing as May is a very flowery season it would be fitting to write up a sort of tag for it! So this is the Books in Flowers tag!


  • Bluebells [everlasting love]your ultimate OTP (doesn’t have to be romantic love)Image result for bluebells!

I think my choice for this probably has to be Aristotle and Dante – it’s my favourite book with the cutest couple! I just loved their friendship in the beginning and then came to love their relationship as well!




  • Daisies [cheerfulness]a book that makes you happyImage result for daisy

A book that makes me happy has to 100% be anything by Rick Riordan. Honestly, his books are hilarious, well written and fun to read! Also, the Magnus Chase series was the first book I ever read with a Muslim main character who wore hijab and was practicing!




  • Foxgloves [a wish] a book that you’re anticipating or a book you want to existImage result for foxglove

I would do anything for a book with a Muslim MC who isn’t neurotypical, or who isn’t cis, or who isn’t het. I love that there so many more books nowadays with Muslim MC’s but it would be phenomenal to see that as well!




  • Wild Honeysuckle [inconsistency]an author whose books you didn’t all loveRelated image

Jandy Nelson! I’ll Give You the Sun was an amazing novel and one that I loved reading. It was interesting, and a book whose story I found intriguing; good character development, good plot and good writing. However, I found that wasn’t the same for The Sky is Everywhere which I unfortunately really disliked (2 stars).



  • Cowslip [divine beauty]a beautiful cover or a book with beautiful writingImage result for cowslip

Unfortunately I have now had to enforce a rule that I cannot answer Ari and Dante for every question ever – so, I choose Six of Crows. I am in love with the art style and incorporation of a cityscape with the birds! Also, Leigh Bardugo’s writing is as beautiful as her covers as well.




  • Oleander [beware] – a book/author you never plan on reading

The Black Witch is certainly a book I never plan on reading. Image result for oleanderThe things that I have heard about and read about in reviews recently is actually terrifying. It’s shocking that this book got through the editing and publishing process. Honestly, I’d much rather read some great #ownvoices than this.


Feel free to use my header image if you’d like!



5 thoughts on “Books in Flowers Tag [Original]

  1. Huntress of Diverse Books says:

    I read Rick Riordan when I was younger, and finally read another book of his just a few weeks ago. I’m always amazed by how he educates himself on diversity and apologises. It’s so weird to see this from a non-#ownvoices author even though it should be expected.

    I didn’t know that the Magnus Chase books had a Muslim MC. I was able to take a copy of the first two during my work experience at Penguin, so I’ll certainly get to those soon.


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