A Conjuring of Light I Review #58

“Anoshe brought solace. And hope. And the strength to let go.”

A Conjuring of Light

A Conjuring of Light

Title: A Conjuring of Light

Author: V.E.Schwab

Pages: 666

Publisher: Titan Books



London’s fall and kingdoms rise while darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire—and the fraught balance of magic blossoms into dangerous territory while heroes and foes struggle alike. The direct sequel to A Gathering of Shadows, and the final book in the Shades of Magic epic fantasy series, A Conjuring of Light sees Schwab reach a thrilling culmination concerning the fate of beloved protagonists—and old enemies.


I have no idea how V.E.Schwab continues to further impress me with every new novel she comes out with. V.E.Schwab is someone who has never failed to completely astound me with her writing. She somehow seems to incorporate phenomenal world building, phenomenal characters and phenomenal writing into every book of hers and A Conjuring of Light 100% did not let me down.

The third book in a trilogy is always the make or break moment in a series. The writer has to somehow round up and finish off on a story; but they have to do it well. Seeing as the first two books in the Shades of Magic series were amazing, ACOL had to be just as amazing as well – and it sure as hell was.

Character wise this book was probably the bets of the three. There was so much development in individual characters and new bonds being formed. Holland, by far, the most unexpected. I rarely enjoy redemption arcs with villains for some reason but this one was so done so so well I couldn’t do anything but love it!

The plot was fast-paced and despite the lack of plot twists, the action and events throughout completely made up for that. I could see all the effort that had been put into coming up with such an intriguing plot whilst reading. V.E.Schwab really knows how to keep a reader engaged.

I could write so much more on this book but honestly, this book was so good I can hardly put it into words. I am just so utterly astounded by this book and can’t wait to read anything by V.E.Schwab that is to come!


Books in Flowers Tag [Original]

Books In Flowers.png

I thought that seeing as May is a very flowery season it would be fitting to write up a sort of tag for it! So this is the Books in Flowers tag!


  • Bluebells [everlasting love]your ultimate OTP (doesn’t have to be romantic love)Image result for bluebells!

I think my choice for this probably has to be Aristotle and Dante – it’s my favourite book with the cutest couple! I just loved their friendship in the beginning and then came to love their relationship as well!




  • Daisies [cheerfulness]a book that makes you happyImage result for daisy

A book that makes me happy has to 100% be anything by Rick Riordan. Honestly, his books are hilarious, well written and fun to read! Also, the Magnus Chase series was the first book I ever read with a Muslim main character who wore hijab and was practicing!




  • Foxgloves [a wish] a book that you’re anticipating or a book you want to existImage result for foxglove

I would do anything for a book with a Muslim MC who isn’t neurotypical, or who isn’t cis, or who isn’t het. I love that there so many more books nowadays with Muslim MC’s but it would be phenomenal to see that as well!




  • Wild Honeysuckle [inconsistency]an author whose books you didn’t all loveRelated image

Jandy Nelson! I’ll Give You the Sun was an amazing novel and one that I loved reading. It was interesting, and a book whose story I found intriguing; good character development, good plot and good writing. However, I found that wasn’t the same for The Sky is Everywhere which I unfortunately really disliked (2 stars).



  • Cowslip [divine beauty]a beautiful cover or a book with beautiful writingImage result for cowslip

Unfortunately I have now had to enforce a rule that I cannot answer Ari and Dante for every question ever – so, I choose Six of Crows. I am in love with the art style and incorporation of a cityscape with the birds! Also, Leigh Bardugo’s writing is as beautiful as her covers as well.




  • Oleander [beware] – a book/author you never plan on reading

The Black Witch is certainly a book I never plan on reading. Image result for oleanderThe things that I have heard about and read about in reviews recently is actually terrifying. It’s shocking that this book got through the editing and publishing process. Honestly, I’d much rather read some great #ownvoices than this.


Feel free to use my header image if you’d like!



I’m back!

I’ve finally finished my exams for this year and am now going to get back on schedule! I’ll probably have at least one review a week, Top 5 Wednesdays, and a post every Friday (and sometimes Mondays)!

I can’t wait to get back to blogging because not writing my posts for a month was pretty boring – revision is extremely draining. But I’m back!

Image result for gif of celebration

I Love You ALL!

Why I Love the Book Community.png

Honestly, I absolutely love the book community! My oldest friends, both in real life and online, have some sort of love for books – and most of the time this is what brought us together!

I’ve seen some people complain (not really in a bad way) about how the book community isn’t as nice as it once was – but honestly, I wasn’t part of that community years ago and therefore don’t really know anything different – and to be honest, I love the community right now!

There’s no point in focusing on the bad aspects of the book community anyways!* I mean isn’t there bad in every community technically? We all can’t be perfect! I thought I’d list some of my favourite things about this community just to let you guys know how amazing you all are!

  1. We get to talk about the things we love all the time (and no one finds it that annoying!) This is one of my favourite things because as someone who has anxiety I like to refrain from really discussing things I enjoy with people who aren’t my close friends or part of the online book community out of fear of them absolutely hating my ranting. So here I can rant and discuss all I want!

Image result for fangirling gif

  1. Friends. I have made so many friends! I’m pretty extroverted to be honest when I’m outside and online but people tend to find me a lot more frustrating and somewhat condescending (I’m really not sure why? I think it’s because I’m really opinionated?) and therefore a lot of people at school don’t really like me. Online though I have loads of friends and can be my real self and people actually like me!
  2. Author and reader interactions are great! I never would have thought I’d be able to have one of my favourite authors: reblog, like or comment on my pictures/posts but this has happened a few times now and it always makes me so happy!* Image result for crying in awe gif
  3. Developing your outlook/perspective on things. Ever since I started book blogging I have a) improved the complexity of my grammar a lot b)learned a lot more about what to really focus on when reading and what constitutes a good writer! I really like being able to analyse writing in such a different way now.
  4. So much passion!* The amount of enthusiasm in this community is wonderful; there’s rarely drama/fights and everyone just seems to have so much fun while doing something they love and enjoy!Image result for hugging gif

And these are some of my reasons for loving the online book community so much!


Hope your next read is great! 🌱

*(running away from your problems is obviously the best solution)!
*an accurate representation of my expression when an author reblogs/likes/comments something of mine
*not like the fruit, they’re disgusting.

Angie Thomas + Laini Taylor Signings!

I was so excited to find out that two authors, whom had both just released very anticipated releases of mine, were coming to my city for signings!

The first signing was on a Sunday evening – due to exams recently I had just spent the previous five hours revising so I was very tired at the beginning of this signing! Nevertheless, I had so so so much fun! There were very interesting conversations going on and some of the questions asked were pretty funny. (Someone asked Angie if she did drugs? It was a bit random but got a laugh out of everyone there!)

In case you didn’t know already Angie Thomas wrote: The Hate U Give – a book based off of the black lives matters movement and shootings of black people in America by police officers. I’m really excited to read this – I honestly feel this is going to be such an important read for me and so many others! I was so happy I got to meet Angie! (Even if I was too scared to ask the person behind me to take a picture of us)

Then on the next Tuesday (so 2 days later) I met my friend to go to a Laini Taylor signing! I haven’t actually ever read any of her books but I’ve heard amazing things about her books, especially Strange the Dreamer! I got my book signed although my edition was already signed before hand, and also dedicated! She actually recognized my name from when I tweeted her earlier on in the day which was really cool!

I don’t usually buy books without having read the author’s work before – especially not in hardcover! But last time I skipped out on a signing because I wasn’t sure (E.Lockhart) I regretted it when I finally read We Were Liars so this time I took no chances!

So, overall this week has been really good for signings which is actually quite rare where I live!

Have you been to any signings recently? Or are there any authors you want to see soon?

Where it all began


So as some you have realised – I am obsessed with books! I have been for most of my life – and hopefully, will continue to love them forever more! My tastes in reading have fluctuated a lot throughout my life so I thought I might as well show you how!


I started reading from an extremely young age. Obviously, like everyone else as a child I started off with the picture books. I don’t really remember reading at all until late age 5; when I was in my first year of primary. I vividly remember my mum ordering a huge box of limited edition Winnie the Pooh storybooks. I came home from school (my mum worked at the same primary school I went to) so we were so surprised to find that the box of books had just been left outside our door.

Image result for my very first winnie the pooh

I remember crying loads because I thought Winnie the Pooh would have been scared to be outside my house all alone! I finished those books (about 20 of them) over the span of my reception year.


From Winnie the Pooh I moved onto reading the Rainbow Magic series until about the age of 7! I read so many of those books and spent all of my pocket money on them – I spent about £21 pounds one day to buy three special editions and was so proud of myself! I now have over 100 of these books in a drawer beneath my bed! I honestly can’t believe that these books are still being published today!

Image result for rainbow magic books

I continued to read these until about the age of 10 but only sparingly. I moved on to reading longer chapter books like Goosebumps, Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortanute events. At this point, I think my parents had finally realised that my love for books wasn’t going to go away anytime soon!


A lot of my primary years were probably not my favourite time. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and my teachers didn’t really like me either – but I still continued to do what I loved most, reading. Although not nearly as much as before.

I read a few books each year during this period – maybe 30 books with both years together. But this was my Dystopian phase. About 90% of my reads then were just pure Dystopian books – I remember the Hunger Games being a personal favourite!



I went through a really random and weird reading slump from about the age of 12 until about halfway through 13. I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything, even the thing I loved the most.

Eventually, I discovered Goodreads, Booktube and Booklr and fell right back into the reading world! I was reading faster and loving the books I read! I averaged about 50 years a year and there were people to share this with now!

Although I didn’t really reach out until late 13 two months before my 14th birthday. I started this blog and in May started a Bookstagram! Ever since then, I’ve widened my reading horizons and have such a wide range of books to read and books that I have already!

I discovered my favourite contemporary of all time:


I now love reading more than I ever have before and honestly can’t wait what else there is to come!

Have you got a post telling your reading journey? (Send me a link down below!) Do you have any of these situations in your life now or have you ever gone through them?

Hope your next read is great! 🌱