How To: Cope With Exams + Reading


We all go through exams – and let’s face it, most of the time we hate them! Despite the fact that I find the current education system where I live, the UK, completely outdated, it’s inevitable that I’m going to have to do multiple exams throughout my lifetime.

But that doesn’t mean I have to completely disregard my hobbies either – so I thought I’d make a list of things that I personally do to encompass both the things I enjoy most and upholding my revision time!


As much as I’ve always been pushed to just revise, revise, revise; the one time I did try this I failed – and epically at that. I did that for my whole exam week in year 8 and ended up breaking down four times in the span of my exam week. After that, I’ve found that revising with breaks is a lot easier, and less stressful!



Timetables are honestly the best. I tend to make timetables which have me revising for about 6/7 hours on weekends/full days and about 3/4 after school. After every hour of revising I include a break – which I usually spend reading for half an hour or fifteen minutes just to calm me down for a while and let my mind rest.



This may be a bit unorthodox but I love to make myself some butterbeer while revising! It’s sweet and has a lot of sugar (which helps keep me up and running) – and reminds me of Harry Potter which is one of my favourite things and therefore keeps me a tiny bit happier! If I don’t have any time/ingredients to make butterbeer; instead I’ll happily settle for a glass of squash or warm hot chocolate!



Colours are great while making notes! I wouldn’t waste loads and loads of time on this but highlighting, underlining and even some doodles always make revision just that tiniest bit easier to understand enjoy! I tend to stick to reds, golds and yellows just because I’m a huge book nerd and Gryffindor colour coding makes me laugh!



I won’t lie sometimes reading a book that is, even in the slightest bit, related to a topic I’m revising does help me! I like to read Science Fiction when revising before a Science or Computing exam; (attempt to) read Classics before English exams and even a book in a different language when revising for something like French! It’s nice to read out of your comfort zone once in a while – and it helps if it’s relevant to your current situation!



No – I do not mean travel to a different country, city or even travelling to your local Waterstones! By travelling I mean, in what way you get to school/college/university. Personally, I alternate between buses and car and therefore I’m left with about half an hour of staring at car lights passing by and rain drops sliding down glass panes. However, when I’m in exam weeks I either spend this time cramming last minute revision (if I feel I don’t know the content enough) or reading a book!


So these are some of my tips to revising and still being able to fit in your (much needed) reading time!

Do you have any of your own tips?

Hope your next read is great! 🌱